“Remember the 80s? Fuck yeah you do!”
   What if the principal in The Breakfast Club had punched Bender in the face instead of trying to provoke Bender to punch him? What if
   you could smash a bottle across Ferris Bueller’s face? What if Otto from Alex Cox’s Repo Man was your boyfriend? If any of these
   sound like a dream come true, Punch Out is the film for you. This coming-of-age story concerns the growth of nine separate characters
   over the course of three days. John Hughes eat your heart out you piece of shit.


   Running Time: 29:20 minutes
   Written & Directed by Matthew Kennedy
   Music & Titles by Jeremy Gillespie
   Starring Dylan Gyles, Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy,
   Conor Sweeney, Meredith Sweeney, Amy Groening, Jason
   Hooper & Chris Epp
   Makeup by Steven Kostanski

   08-27-09 Landlocked Film Festival
   08-21-09 Twin Rivers Media Festival
   04-24-08 University of Winnipeg Student Film Festival

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