A dead soldier finds himself reanimated as a cyborg killing machine in this cult-tastic throwback to 80s sci-fi action films like ROBOCOP and THE
   TERMINATOR from Astron-6. Manborg won Best of Fest at The 2012 Boston Underground Film Festival! More info HERE!


   Directed by Steven Kostanski
   Starring: Matthew Kennedy, Adam Brooks, Conor Sweeney,
   Meredith Sweeney, Ludwig Lee & Andrea Karr.

   09-27-12 Calgary International Film Festival
   07-20-12 Fantasia Film Festival
   04-13-12 Action Fest
   05-05-12 Sci-Fi London Film Festival
   05-03-12 Dark Bridges Film Festival
   03-31-12 Boston Underground Film Festival
   12-02-11 Whistler Film Festival
   10-25-11 Toronto After Dark Film Festival
   09-22-11 Fantastic Fest

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