The walking dead become a living nightmare.
   When mysterious circumstances cause the dead to rise from their graves, a man and woman are trapped in a never-ending hell-inferno.
   Film-master, Sir Jeremy Gillespie, brings you Inferno Of The Dead; the darkest vision of horror. Everywhere you hide, any way you turn,
   this is the curse from which there is no escape.


   Running Time: 8:53 minutes
   Written, Directed, Music & Titles by Jeremy Gillespie
   Starring Matthew Kennedy, Meredith Sweeney, Conor
   Sweeney, Adam Brooks, Steven Kostanski, Leif Norman
   and Dylan Gyles
   Special Effects Masks by Steven Kostanski

   09-25-10 Dark Bridges Film Festival
   08-14-10 Toronto After Dark Film Festival
   10-24-09 Winnipeg Short Film Massacre

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