From Steven Kostanski, director of “Lazer Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove”, comes the story of two brothers who must fight to escape an
   unholy institution populated with an endless sea of ghoulish creatures. Will Max (Conor Sweeney) be able to see past the disturbing
   condition of his brother Karl (Matthew Kennedy) and lead them to safety, or will his personal flaws trap them forever in a world of
   darkness and misery?


   Running Time: 18:52 minutes
   Written, Directed, Edited & Effects by Steven Kostanski
   Music by Jeremy Gillespie
   Starring Conor Sweeney, Matt Kennedy, Meredith Sweeney,
   Adam Brooks & Jeremy Gillespie

   11-22-09 New York City Horror Film Festival
   08-18-09 Toronto After Dark Film Festival
   06-20-09 Worldwide Short Film Festival
   05-03-09 Dead by Dawn Film Festival
   03-20-09 Boston Underground Film Festival
   02-08-09 San Francisco Independent Film Festival
   10-30-08 Winnipeg Short Film Massacre

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