Episode 1 - Duel of the Titans
   Astron-6 Video proudly presents the new adventures of your favorite hero - GOREBLADE! Join him as he comes face to face with his
   arch-rival Ilias in this classic adventure of epic proportions, and even more epic shoulder pads.


   Running Time: 3:57 minutes
   Written by Jeremy Gillespie
   Directed by Brooks, Gillespie & Kostanski
   Special Effects by Kostanski, Brooks & Gillespie
   Music by Gillespie & Brooks
   Starring Stephen Gomori & Matthew Kennedy

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   Episode 2 - Chat Quest
   Goreblade finds a mysterious, but alluring stranger in the dark catacombs of the interweb.


   Running Time: 2:12 minutes
   Written by Jeremy Gillespie
   Directed by Adam Brooks
   Makeup by Steven Kostanski
   Starring Stephen Gomori, Derek Koop & McKinley Morton

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