Rey Ciso finds himself the prime suspect in a series of brutal murders at the seedy film studio where he works. The Editor premiered on
   September 11, 2014 at The Toronto International Film Festival and has since gone on to win Best Film (La Samain du Cinema Fantastique),
   Best Film & Best Actor (A Night of Horror) and Best Actor & Best Sound (Monsterfest).


   Running Time: 95 minutes
   Produced & Directed by Adam Brooks & Matthew Kennedy
   Music by Claudio Simonetti, Carpenter Brut, Brian Wiacek, Eros Cartechini,
   Vercetti Technicolor, Unicity, Repeated Viewing, Paul Joyce & Jeremy Gillespie
   Starring Paz de la Huerta, Laurence R. Harvey, Samantha Hill,
   Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, Conor Sweeney, Brent Neale,
   Kevin Anderson, Dan Bern & Udo Kier

   09-11-14 Toronto International Film Festival
   09-20-14 Fantastic Fest
   09-25-14 Beyond Fest
   09-26-14 Calgary International Film Festival
   09-27-14 Vancouver International Film Festival
   10-05-14 Sitges Film Festival
   10-12-14 Telluride Horror Show
   10-18-14 Chicago International Film Festival
   10-23-14 Dublin Horrorthon
   10-24-14 Celluloid Screams
   10-24-14 Dedfest
   10-25-14 Knoxville Horror Film Fest
   10-29-14 La Samain du Cinema Fantastique
   10-30-14 Mayhem Film Festival
   10-31-14 Shockproof Film Festival
   10-31-14 Frightfest
   11-08-14 Cork Film Festival
   11-09-14 Stockholm Film Festival
   11-11-14 Abertoir Wales International Horror Festival
   11-21-14 Monster Fest
   11-23-14 A Night of Horror Film Festival
   11-27-14 Torino Film Festival
   01-30-15 Panic Film Festival
   03-21-15 Atlanta Film Festival
   03-25-15 Boston Underground Film Festival
   04-09-15 Brussels Intertnational Fantastic Film Festival
   04-11-15 Florida Film Festival
   05-01-15 San Francisco International Film Festival
   07-23-15 Gimli Film Festival
   07-31-15 Fantasia Film Festival

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